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Welcome to our newly redesigned site.

It’s a project we began working on several years ago, and meant to have done much sooner, but websites are sort of like pyramid building… in you’er head it seems like a simple task of throwing a few bricks atop one another, but the job quickly grows more complicated once you get into the details.

Our new fully responsive layout should be a lot easier to access and read on mobile devices. Things have shuffled around quite a bit, but our main menu on the left side bar will still take you to all the same great original content. We also added tons of new material, so take time to explore all the new offerings. We’ll be continuing to add more content and eBooks as we finish converting these projects.

Be sure to bookmark or subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on all the latest in safety, parenting, and other issues that affect your family. We’ll be updating it regularly (at least once a week). if you come across something that is missing or which isn’t working properly, please contact us and let us know so we can fix it.

Enjoy !