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All brothers and sisters fight. It’s something that comes with the territory.

But if sibling rivalry has gotten out of hand and is turning your home into a miniature version of fight club, it’s time to take back control.

Our book Super Siblings will break down the intricacies of sibling relationships, showing you how to N reduce the conflict and replace it with a little more cooperation. You’ll learn about…

  • Why kids fight so much
  • How to get kids to stop relying on you to settle their disputes
  • The common mistakes parents make that inadvertently lead to more conflict
  • How to put an end to sibling rivalry
  • About all the different roles and identities children take on within the family
  • What takes place when parents aren’t looking, and why you may not know your kids as well as you think you do
  • How to handle property disputes
  • How to encourage kids to share
  • How to be fair without treating children exactly the same
  • What you should do to introduce a new baby into the family
  • Addressing children’s ideas about favoritism
  • + much more.

You don’t have to settle for the status quo, or continue spending your days feeling like an Israeli-Palestine hostage negotiator. Get your copy of our Super Siblings e-book today, and start down the path toward a more peaceful, cooperative household.

Super Siblings–$7.99 Amazon e-book (Coming soon) (All proceeds from your purchase go to help children in need)

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