Questions and concerns about a child’s sleep habits are one of the most frequently discussed child development topics among parents. In the last few decades, more sleep manuals have come and gone than just about any other type of parenting book. It’s common for parents to struggle with bedtime rituals, and children are prone to any number of sleep disturbances even when they’re not being ornery.

The free information provided below should provide parents with helpful information on a variety of child sleep issues, everything from what a child’s normal sleep routines should be to addressing various sleep disturbances and help tips on how to deal with these different sleep problems. You can also get our Family Sleep Book, which is packed with bonus material for parents and also includes an entire second section on sleep help for the entire family, exhausted parents included!

Child Sleep Information

General information on children & sleep

– Sleep guidelines for children

– Child sleep facts & statistics

– The importance of sleep for kids

– Lack of sleep & its effects on children

– Sleep deprivation in kids


Child sleep disorders & sleep problems in children

– Types of sleep problems in children

– Children who snore

– Sleep apnea in children

– Child insomnia

– Sleep anxiety

– Restless legs syndrome

– Sleep study for children


Child sleep disturbances

– Types of sleep disturbances

– Children talking in their sleep

– Sleepwalking in children

– Nightmares

– Night terrors

– Sleep paralysis & nightmare visits

– Signs & symptoms of a nightmare disorder

– Dealing with nightmares

Infant sleep

– Sleep for babies

– Infant sleep patterns

– Baby sleep tips

– Getting your baby to sleep through the night

– Sleep training for babies

– Help with common infant sleep problems

– Infant co-sleeping & sharing a bed with your baby

– Getting your baby to sleep in their crib

Helping children sleep better

– Getting kids to sleep

– Bedtimes & sleep routines

– Getting your child on a consistent sleep schedule

– Helping kids fall asleep

– Using melatonin as a sleep aid for children

– How technology use affects sleep

– Teens & sleep

Child sleep training & sleep solutions for kids

– Sleep training for kids

– Better bedtime rituals

– Kids who won’t stay in bed

– Sleep training techniques for kids who get our of bed (eBook)

– Kids fussing or crying at bedtime

– Changing the psychology of bedtime (eBook)

– Getting kids to sleep in their own be

– Sleep solutions for kids who share a bedroom

– The super-hero bedtime game (eBook)