These character education worksheets for kids will teach your children important character traits and values like honestly, fairness, loyalty, integrity, and much more. They are designed for classroom use by preschool and elementary school teachers, but parents will find them helpful as well.


Character Traits Worksheet (Grades 3-6)
My Ideal Self

A worksheet that asks kids to reflect on the character traits they want for themselves and most want to see in others.

Teacher instructions: This worksheet features both psychological traits (honest, kind, etc.) as well as more shallow and superficial ones (beautiful, popular, athletic). Have kids complete the worksheet and then afterwards have a class discussion about these values. Which are the most popular traits that kids aspire to? Are these the ones we should be aspiring to? Are the traits we want to see in ourselves the same ones we would want our best friend to have, and if not, what does this reveal about our priorities? There are no right or wrong answers, it’s all about provoking thought and reflection.