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Many people young and old love horses. They are certainly beautiful animals. Yet, horses are a very large animal and  can be dangerous. My little sister had a friend who, unfortunately, was killed while horseback riding at the age of 10. She was thrown from her horse and had a hard fall. Worst part was, though she was riding with another child, the other child did not know what to do to help her. The fall stopped her heart. Had a person been there that knew CPR, there is a good chance she might have been revived.

Horse Safety for Parents

  • Never leave children unsupervised around any animal, particularly large ones.

Horse Safety for Kids

  • Teach kids to avoid walking up behind a horse or any other large animal. A horse’s kick can easily kill a child. If they need to walk to the other side, they should walk in front of the animal whenever possible.
  • As you walk around a horse gently run one hand alongside their coat while speaking softly to them, so that you do not surprise the animal or otherwise startle them.

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