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To keep kids from getting sick, here’s what you do: Eat 2 jelly doughnuts for breakfast, a pound of chocolate for lunch, and whatever you’d like for dinner. Then stand on I foot while facing the northern star before bed each night and repeat the phrase:

Shuka -illy –uu-lluv.

If only it were that simple (and that delicious). People have been looking for ways to keep from getting sick for ages, which is why there’s a never-ending parade of pitches and products promising to do the trick. There are many things people can do to keep illness at bay, but most of them involve relatively simple things we know we should do more of anyway. This information will help you separate the fact from the nonsense, offering time-tested ways to keep your family from getting sick.

Ways to keep from catching a cold

Cold and flu viruses enter the body through one of 3 points: the nose, the eyes, or the mouth. So during cold and flu season, a few simple hygiene practices can go a long way towards keeping your child from getting sick:

  • Have them wash their hands more frequently, since a primary means of transmission is kids touching a contaminated surface and then putting fingers in their mouth, nose or eyes.
  • Try to keep your chIld from touching theIr face during cold season as much as possible.
  • Disinfect common contact points in your home and school, such as doorknobs, microwave handles, and so forth. Give your child a flu shot if they are eligible.
  • Sanitize sheets & toothbrushes once you’re over an illness to prevent from infecting others.

That said, you don’t need to be one of those parents chasing the kids around all day with a bottle of Purel\. Being overly hygienic can backfire, and exposure to germs is necessary in order to strengthen your child’s immune system. In fact, too much hygiene has led to an increase in autoimmune disorders and other health problems. But a few extra precautions when bugs are going around may prevent your child from getting sick as often.

Does vitamin C keep you from getting sick?

Contrary to popular belief, research shows that vitamin C does not prevent people from getting sick. (Crouch, 2010) A well-balanced diet in general can reduce the amount of colds a person has each year, but simply taking a vitamin supplement has no effect.

Stay physically active & fit
Exercise provides “good stress” for your body that strengthens the immune system and decreases inflammation. “Exercise is better than any supposed cure or miracle product,” says Dr. Harley Rotbart, author of Germ Proof Your Kids. Obesity is also associated with illness, since it causes inflammation throughout the body that weakens the immune system, and fat cells are natural harbingers for bacteria. Obese people are contagious with the flu 42% longer than those who aren’t obese. (Hilten-Anderson, 2020)

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