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The bullying information we make available online is just a portion of what we have to offer on the topic of bullying. We’ve saved some of our best and most helpful material for our e-book, which features all the information in our online book plus all the extended bonus material outlined below. If your child is the victim of bullying or if you’re serious about reducing bullying in your school, you can’t afford not to get this book.

Get your eBook now for just $4.99 (all offer proceeds go to help children in need)

Bonus Material Contained in Our Bullying E-Book

Understanding cliques & the underground school culture

It’s hard to truly understand bullying without first understanding the politics of school cliques. We take a look inside this hidden school culture to show you the unspoken rules that can guide student behavior.

Stories of what they went through

Sometimes the best way to gain helpful insight is to hear what others went through and learn what worked (or didn’t work) for them. In this bonus chapter, we discuss some different scenarios and offer additional advice that you might apply to your own situation.

Quotes to share with bullied kids

A list of quotes to share with kids that promote anti-bullying messages or offer comfort to bullied teens, along with a list of creative ways to use these quotes. A helpful tool for parents & teachers alike.

Anti-bullying curriculum projects for teachers & schools

A chapter full of anti-bullying group discussions and classroom projects that can be used by teachers of all grades, particularly those teaching junior high or high school students.

The Complete Guide to Gossip

Gossip is one of the most prevalent forms of bullying, especially among girls. It can also be the most difficult to deal with. In this bonus section we take a more in-depth look at gossip and discuss creative ways to address it, with ideas for both parents and school teachers or administrators.

Plus additional information on …

  • Bullying at religious schools
  • Raising socially responsible kids
  • Helping the child understand why bullies do what they do
  • Assertiveness training for kids
  • Looking on the bright side: How to find the silver lining and potential ways to grow from your child being bullied
  • Simple, step-by-step rules and policies for teachers and school administrators that will vastly reduce the amount of bullying that occurs in your school.
  • More advice on assessing your child and helping them avoid being a target.
  • + Much more!

Get it all for just $4.99! Best of all, every penny of the author proceeds we receive from this book will go towards programs for children in need. You’ll not only be helping your own child (or group of kids) with your purchase, but other kids as well!

Get your copy of the Complete Guide To Bullying today!

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