Provide kids with a writing utensil and 2 pieces of paper. On one sheet of paper, have them sketch a rough outline of the layout of their school, including outdoor areas and any other location that comprises their typical school day. Have them label the different areas on their map with A, B, C, etc. Once they’ve drawn their map, have them use the other sheet of paper to write a brief sentence or two about…

  • How they feel about each area
  • The things that go on there
  • Any cliques that hang out there
  • And so on.

You can do this either as a homework assignment or a classroom activity. If you’re a parent doing this with your own child, forget about the writing part and simply have your child sketch their school while talking to you about the different areas and what goes on there. Once kids turn in their maps, teachers should go over them carefully and share them with other staff. It will give everyone in the school a much better idea of how your students perceive the school, and will also expose any problem areas that need to be addressed as part of your anti-bullying efforts.