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30 crazy Things You Never Thought You’d Have To Tell Your Children
A humorous piece that discusses the various ways kids can get themselves into trouble.

Toy Guns for Grownups
Real guns that look like toys? Who came up with this horrible idea! Learn about this threat and how to keep your kids safe.

If You Give A Girl A Screwdriver
Kids do the craziest things things…like find a screwdriver and decide to push it through their eye socket and into their brain. This humorous article serves as a cautionary tale of the dangerous things kids do with found objects.

All It Takes Is One
For every successful child abduction there are as many as two dozen attempts.  It only takes one child to fall for an abducters tricks.  Will your child be that one?

When Firefighters Go Bump in the Night
A firefighter in full uniform can look scary, and this fear can be deadly. This article explains how to address this fear.


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