Haul a large tub or Kiddy pool outside and fill it with water. Then gather several large rocks, a log or some thick sticks, or other items to place in the pool. Arrange them so that these things sit just underneath the water while also leaving open areas that are free of any underwater obstacles.

Next gather some play people such as Lego men or plastic, durable action figures. Even small plastic toy animals will work in a pinch. Create a catapult system a few feet away by laying a long, flat board over a few blocks like a seesaw. Have kids place the toy person on one end, then smack their hand down on the other to send the figure flying towards the water. The goal is to try and get them to land in one of the open pools as opposed to on top of a buried rock or object.

As they are doing this activity, talk with kids about the importance of always testing the water and looking before you leap – an important concept in water safety. Also ask them about other things they might have to watch out for while playing in the water. It makes for a fun activity that children will enjoy, and the sensory input they receive as their diver either splashes in the water or clunks against a rock will drive home an important lesson that they won’t soon forget.