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The following articles and handouts were designed especially for teens, conveying valuable life lessons they need to know. You might sit down and read them together, or print out an article and leave it in their room, or try and load it onto their ph_ne for them to discover on their own. You’re bound to get the obligatory eye rolls and protests that this is “lame” or that they know all this stuff already and why is it you don’t trust them and are always assuming the worst? But give it a shot anyway. In spite of the grunts, sighs and strange faces they used to only give you when you presented them with a plate of asparagus, they may actually learn something of value.

We also encourage teachers to use these items in the classroom. You can pass them out as homework, assign them as reading assignments, or have class discussions and debates around them. They may have more impact coming from a teacher than they do a parent, and teens have no choice but to do what you tell them to do…with fewer eye rolls in the process.

Safety Handouts for Teens

Do As We Say Not As We Did Teen Handout


Clown Driving Teen Handout


Fateful Driving Decision Teen Handout


Social Skills & Bullying Handouts for Teens


Loosers Like Them


Settling Disagreements – Not About Right or Wrong Teen Handout


Things You Cant Take Back Teen Handout


If You Are No Good I Must Be Better Teen Handout

Psychology & Mental Health Handouts for Teens


The Love Of Others – Quotes Teen Handout


Pixilated to Perfection Teen Handout


Miscellaneous Teen Handouts 

People Are Crazy Quote Teen Handout

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