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Children grow and develop at an astonishing pace, often faster than parents can keep up. With each month that goes by they are gaining new ground, forging ahead into unfamiliar territory.

Because it seems to happen so automatically, we often take for granted just how astonishing children’s growth and development really is. But if you stop and think about all the milestones they accomplish as they grow from helpless newborn to become a fully functional human, it really is quite amazing.

The information herein will help shed light on this amazing journey, while answering some of the common questions parents have about child development. Whether you’re a new parent wondering what to expect, or an experienced caregiver seeking understanding of something new, this area contains a wealth of knowledge for everyone.

General information On Child Development


Child Development By Age

  • Infant Development
  • Toddler development
  • Preschool development
  • School-age development
  • Adolescent development
  • Specific Topics in Child Development

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