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The bike safety activities below will help parents and teacher reinforce important bike safety concepts. 

Bike Day (Special Activity)
Organize a bike day with your children. Invite them to bring in either a Bike, tricycle, or roller skates, and set up various courses along your playground. Use the time to emphasize the rules for all wheeled safety, and of course, wearing helmets.

Egg Cracking Demonstration (Group)
Use this demonstration to emphasize to kid’s the importance of wearing a helmet. Get two eggs. (Maybe an extra in case you break one). In front of the kids, place one inside a pillow, and then tape the pillow closed around the egg. When it is done, hold the one egg without the pillow up, and drop it onto the floor or concrete. Next, hold the egg wrapped inside a pillow up for them. Explain to them that this symbolizes an egg with a helmet on. Drop it. Un-tape the pillow, and then take a look at the egg. It should still be in tact. Use the demonstration to illustrate the importance of helmet wearing.

Fun with Reflectors (Science)
Assemble a couple of flashlights, some bike reflectors, and a large, thick blanket. Drape the blanket, (or blankets) over one of your tables so that it creates a dark room underneath. Have the children experiment with the flashlights and the reflectors underneath the table.

Bike Helmet Show and Tell (Group)
Encourage helmet use by having a bike helmet show and tell. Have children bring in their helmet, show how they put it on, talk about the decoration of their helmet, and talk about any times when they used their helmet.

Pretend Bicycle Ride (Gross Motor-Dramatic Play)
Group children into pairs and have them lay down on the carpet on their backs. Have them place the bottom of each others feet against each other, and push in circles to make the motion they would as if pedaling on a bike. While they are doing this, have them imaginate all sort of obstacles that they would have to overcome, such as cars backing out, things in front of them, exc.

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