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Permissions and Copyright Information

All information and materials throughout this site are the copyrighted and intellectual property of Global Children’s Fund and its authors, and may not be republished or distributed without the express consent of this organization. That said, our primary goal is disseminate information and we’re more than happy to work with either individuals or organizations who want to use our content for their own unique purposes. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions regarding permissions and the use of our material:

Do I need permission to make copies of your printables for my class?

No. We intended for our printables to be used by teachers, schools, child care centers, and anyone else working with children. So if you need to make photocopies for your class, or even the entire school, go right ahead. So long as you’re making copies for direct use with children, you needn’t seek permission from us to do so.

What if I want to include your material
in a curriculum book?

If your school or district prints its own curriculum books, we do ask that you drop us a quick e-mail to tell us about your reprint plans, but we almost always grant permission.

Can I post your content on my website?

Unfortunately, because of the way the Internet works (in that unique content is valued more highly), we cannot allow any of our core material to be reposted elsewhere on the web. So don’t do this. However, if you’re looking for content you can post on your own blog or website, we do have some options available:

1. Syndicated articles: these articles cover a variety of different subjects, and we do allow these to be posted on blogs or websites, so long as the byline is included at the bottom. They can also be used for free in print publications, so long as the proper byline is included. It’s a great way to get quality content at no cost to you.

2. Promotional coloring pages: These free coloring sheets allow you to add info promoting your business or website at the top, an we also allow these to be reposted online.

Can I quote your material?

Of course. You are free to use short quotes and passages from this material in your own work in accordance with fair use copyright law, so long as you provide proper attribution for each snippet and you aren’t simply copying and pasting entire swaths of our material.

What if I want to use your work in a print publication?

We’re usually willing to allow others to use our work in print publications, whether that be newspapers, magazines, books or newsletters, so long as a byline and proper attribution is provided. If you’d like to reprint something from our site or one of our books in a print publication, pleas sent us an email identifying what content you’d like to use; the name, nature, and distribution of the publication; and the payment for this reprint (if any). If you plan on abbreviating or editing the material in any way, pleas include a copy of the proposed amendments.

Does it cost money to reprint or license material?

That depends. Most of the time we allow people to reprint our material for free. If you’re seeking permission for social, scientific, or non-profit purposes, we’re not going to charge you to use it. If you’re seeking reprint permission for a commercial publication that typically pays its authors, then we ask that you provide the standard compensation you typically give (all of which, in turn, will go to support our child welfare programs).

If you have any other questions, or if you’d like to seek permission to use our material, please contact us using the form below.

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