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Think you have the flu? Here are the typical flu signs and symptoms:

How to tell the difference between normal colds & the flu

Common colds and influenza can both cause coughs, stuffy noses, headaches and fevers. So how can you tell them apart? Here are some guidelines:

Normal cold symptoms…

  • Typically come on gradually

  • Rarely come with a high fever

  • Mainly consist of annoying symptoms like a sore throat or runny nose

  • Generally does not keep you from going about your day to day activities.

Typical flu symptoms…

  • Come on rather suddenly in most people

  • Are accompanied by a high fever; 102 degrees F or above

  • Your entire body aches

  • The illness knocks you for a loop and makes it difficult to function normally.

Effects of the flu
People with the flu typically become more immobile and antisocial, which is likely triggered by the immune response as a way to prevent them from infecting other people. “If you inject mice with a toxin that increases inflammation, these animals take on sickness behaviors: They are lethargic, they are disinterested in sugar-water or sex, they often develop a fever, and they don’t spend time around other animals,” says Dr. Aric Prather. “This mimics what happens to humans.” (Mitchell, 2018)

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