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This information will help those working with disturbed children.

The behavior of some children goes well beyond the scope of typical psychological disorders, to the point that we would label them as emotionally disturbed. These are the kids who explode into fits of rage when frustrated, whose behavior legitimately frightens their parents and teachers, and who are antisocial, largely uncontrollable, and headed for a train wreck in life unless things are corrected soon.

Disturbed children are the most challenging kids to work with, but they’re also the most worthwhile. No child is ever truly beyond repair, so long as there are loving adults around willing to devote the time and effort to bring them back from the fringes. In fact, usually the biggest problem is that disturbed children trigger self-reinforcing negative patterns, wherein their difficult behavior provokes less than ideal responses from adults, which only feeds the reservoir of rage and despair they feel inside that is leading to the disturbance in the first place. The information and resources i herein will help you reverse this pattern and slowly widdle away at the antisocial behavior

Books on working with disturbed children

We have two books that will help caregivers working with disturbed kids:

Difficult Children, which discusses how to better deal with children who have behavioral problems. It’s packed with valuable tips on working with difficult kids, and includes some chapters devoted exclusively to kids who have serious psychological disturbances.

Our book Vulnerable Children address the root causes that typically make children disturbed to begin with. Designed to be a general handbook for working with kids from compromised backgrounds, it will help you heal the wounds caused by attachment injuries or a history of abuse and neglect.

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