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Have you or your kids ever been inspired by the beautiful sight of a rainbow? If so, you’ll love this book. It’s a fun children’s story in the style of a rhyming poem that draws analogies to a rainbow, all while teaching kids some valuable lessons about life. It covers topics such as tolerance, race and diversity, social skills, perseverance, how to find hope and comfort during difficult situations, and many more concepts that teach healthy perspectives about life. As part of our child recovery and life lessons series, it’s a fantastic read for kids who are experiencing tumultuous times in life, and also a fun, educational story that will teach every child (regardless of their situation) lessons about resiliency that will serve them well in the future.

Suggested for kids ages 4 through 10

Get Whispers Within A Rainbow story in eBook format for your Kindle Fire, Nook, iPad, or tablet

Just $2.99! The e-book version contains more than 3 times as many colorful and captivating pictures than does the printable version that are sure to entertain your little one and help them get more enjoyment and meaning from the story. Another bonus: All author proceeds (around $2) from your purchase will go to help kids in need!

  • Get your copy of Whispers Within A Rainbow, the kindle e-book  (This link will take you to the Amazon bookstore)
  • Visit to download the free Kindle app to read this book on any tablet computer or other device.
  • Get your copy of Whispers Within A Rainbow for your Nook reader  (This link will take you to Barnes & Noble’s bookstore) Coming Soon

Whispers Within A Rainbow Book –  Printable (PDF) version

Our printable version contains the same great story, just condensed to be printer-friendly with not as many pictures. If you don’t have a color tablet or e-reader, this is the next best thing. It still makes a great read for your kids, and is also perfect for classroom use. Just download the PDF and print the story, then assemble it using sheet protectors inside a 3-ring binder to create a homemade book that is perfect for group times or one-on-one reading.

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