Germs are a fundamental part of our world. They are lurking everywhere: On the things you touch, in the food you eat, in the air you breathe.

Not all gems are bad. I n fact, many of them are quite beneficial. Li fe itself started from a virus, and your body is loaded with all sorts of symbiotic bacteria that perform useful functions. You and your children are a virtual ecosystem onto itself: There are so many symbiotic bacterial cells living on and in your body that they outnumber your actual human cells by a factor of 10 to 1. Not only would you be very sick without these germs, but your kids need exposure to germs in order for their immune system to develop properly and keep them healthy.

Of course, thc bad germs can makc your family siek and miserablc. Thc information herein provides a rational, balanced approach toward germ avoidance and basic hygiene practices, giving your family a tactical advantage in the battle against germs.

Information on avoiding germs & basic hygiene practices