Recent shifts in the economy have left some families struggling to cope with a temporary downturn in their financial situation. Others may be mired in poverty and have a hard time escaping it. Both situations have the potential to be harmful to children, not only in the environmental circumstances of the situation itself but through the family stressors it creates. These resources will help both you and your children deal with financial strain in a productive way.

Children & Financial Stress
  • Money worries and financial anxiety in kids
  • How children are affected by poverty and financial insecurity
  • Talking to kids about money problems
Looking on the Bright Side: Some words of comfort for parents who are struggling
  • Why your children can survive this, and you can too
  • Feeling like a failure as a provider
  • What kids really think about their parent’s work situation
Coping With Financial Hardship
  • Helping kids cope with tough economic situations
  • Ways for families to deal with financial stress
  • Family treasure hunts
  • Fighting the stigma associated with poverty
Help for Families Going Through Foreclosure
  • What you need to know about the home foreclosure process
  • How a home foreclosure will impact your kids
  • Helping children through foreclosure
Advice on Getting By With Very Little
  • Living on limited means
  • Birthdays, holidays & gift giving on a budget
Dealing With Debt Collectors

Resources to help kids cope with poverty & economic stress: