First off, let us say that though this publication takes a critical look at the role of firearms in society, we’re not strictly anti-gun. We respect the right of families to own firearms, we simply encourage them to keep their guns locked and unloaded for emergency situations and/or hunting. But for those who maintain a firearm with the belief that it provides any sort of self-protection, we want to hit you with a sobering dose of reality and help you reconsider the unwise decision you’re making.

Gun safety boils down to a simple numbers game, and the odds aren’t even remotely in favor of personal protection. Not even slightly. The odds of a gun actually being used to successfully protect your family in a true life or death situation are worse than the odds of hitting the lottery. Meanwhile, the likelihood of a gun being used for tragic purposes vastly outweighs the odds of ever needing it for self-defense.

Therefore the idea of purchasing a gun to protect you and your family (or anyone else for that matter) is a lot like placing a king cobra in the infant’s crib to protect your baby. It’s a nice thought, and it certainly is effective at making people feel they are safer, but the reality is that the minute you purchase a family gun the risks to your entire household go up dramatically – and not just in the ways most people think of.  The minute you purchase a gun for “protection,” the risks to you and your family skyrocket through the roof. Having a gun in the house increases the danger to your children by a factor of several hundred times what they were before you owned one.

Despite this sobering reality, a 2017 survey found 88% of gun owners had bought a gun for self-defense. (Wenner-Moyer, 2017) It’s an urban myth that we desperately need to dispel. This book discusses the hard facts behind gun safety and gun use. It will provide readers with a more realistic and truthful perspective on how guns are actually used in society. We’re confident that once people know more of the facts behind this issue, they will use this information to make better personal decisions on their own – decisions that will keep all of our families safer.

Information on Guns & Gun Safety

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