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This area contains resources designed to help children & their families recover from accidents, trauma, or natural disasters such as earthquakes or tornadoes.  Most of the materials for this area are still under development, but we want to post what we do have ready at this time for those who can use them now, since mother nature does not wait for us before thrusting families into turmoil.

Protecting Your Family
From Natural Disasters

Be sure you also read our information on protecting your family from natural disasters contained in our safety book, as linked below:

 Coping with Accidents &
Natural Disasters:

  • How to avoid recovery scans following a natural disaster

Accident & Natural Disaster Resources for Kids

The following pintables contain a coloring picture and worksheet designed to be used for any accident or natural disaster.


Universal Recovery Resources for Children

Many of our resources in this area are adaptable to children who have experienced accidents or natural disasters.

Recovery resources for kids who’ve gone through a tornado

Seeking Shelter in a Tornado WorksheetTornado Coloring Activity:
A therapeutic poem and coloring activity for children who live in an area that has been devastated by a tornado.

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