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Divorce is a difficult transition, and many families struggle to find the help they need to get them through divorce. The following divorce help resources are designed to make the divorce easier on you and your children.

Divorce help for parents

This section is filled with advice designed to help you cope with divorce. In order to guide your kids through this process, it’s important for parents to be in the right mind themselves. This information explores some of the common struggles that people experience during divorce, and offers valuable tips on how to deal with the hurt and pain that typically exists between divorcing couples.

  • How to cope with divorce
  • Tips for dealing with divorce
  • Accepting the divorce & moving on
  • Overcoming hurt feelings
  • Avoiding blame during divorce
  • Feelings of loss from divorce
  • Healing from divorce

Divorce Help For Kids

Every generation has its life-defining moments. …For most of my generation – Generation X, born between 1965 and 1980 – there is only one question: ‘When did your parents get divorced?’ Our lives have been framed by the answer. Ask us. We remember everything.”

-Susan Gregory Thomas (2011, p. 36)

Divorce represents a monumental shift in every child’s life, and helping kids through this transition will be an ongoing process. Though no child will emerge on the other side of divorce unscathed by this experience, you want to do everything possible to ensure they aren’t debilitated by it. That they later look back upon what came after as comparable to what they had before. This begins with the way you help children through the divorce.

Helping Kids Through A Divorce

The following resources explore various methods of helping children cope with divorce. It will walk you through tips on making the transition easier on kids and give instructions for specific divorce help activities you can have the kids participate in to better deal with the changes that are taking place.

  • Helping children cope with divorce
  • Comforting children of divorce
  • Helping kids deal with divorce
  • Ways to use the transition to make divorce easier on kids (eBook: Ideas that will smooth over a divorce.)
  • Establishing post divorce transitions (eBook): Establishing post divorce family traditions is one of the most powerful things you can do to help kids adjust to divorce. This section tells you how.
  • Helping children deal with their emotions
  • Ways of “being there” for your kids (eBook): Ideas on ways to be there for your children after divorce and show your support even while dealing with diminished parenting time.
  • Combating the destructive messages of divorce. (eBook): Divorce can lay down several negative scripts that guide a child s actions and beliefs. Learn how to replace these ideas with more positive-leaning messages.
  • Help kids feel good about their family (eBook): Discusses ways to combat the idea that a child’s family is flawed or broken.
  • Support for children of divorce

Need more divorce help?

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Additional Resources to help with divorce

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