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Our promotional coloring sheets offer a way for you to help promote child safety while promoting your business or practice at the same time.  As any business owner knows, there are two important keys to success: Exposure for your company, and positive community relations. We can help you improve both. With our customized child safety promotional coloring pages for businesses, you can add your logo, business info, and message or coupon to create a quick and simple marketing tool.

These promotional coloring pages are perfect for…

Service Industry Professionals
Every restaurant, auto service retailer, professional or medical office, or any other business that sometimes requires kids to sit around and wait while their parents tend to business simply must have a set of these printable coloring pages. It keeps the kiddoes busy, which makes their parents happier, which results in a less-stressful experience and better customer relations for your business . . . all while spreading safety education.

Child care centers
When parents make a decision for their children’s care, every little detail matters. So when you send a prospective enrollment home with your brochure that includes a child safety coloring page customized to your center, it sends a message that you’re concerned about child safety, and can go a long way towards impressing parents.

Companies with a website
Add these printable PDFs to your website, and they become the cheapest marketing tool you’ll ever own. Customers print them themselves, while you sit around and reap the benefits of increased exposure and positive community perceptions. Best of all, they are a printable download that you can add to your pages and link with your own specific keywords, thus increasing your sites Page Rank and SEO traffic.

– Terms of Use –

By using these promotional coloring pages, you agree to our full terms of use, which are as follows:

1. These promotional materials may only be used by family-friendly businesses and organizations, whose material and activities would be appropriate for a general audience.

2. They may not be used by websites or organizations that promote hatred, violence, racism, or illegal activity.

3. You may not remove the copyright notice or credit to this website contained on each page, nor otherwise alter the content of the page, except to add your own promotion in the blank space provided.

4. Your use of this copyrighted material is a privilege, and we reserve the right to revoke permission to use these materials at any time for any reason if we deem it to be in the best interest of this organization.

5. Upon downloading any of these items, you hereby agree to commit your firstborn child to indentured servitude for a period of no less than 30 years, during which time they will be expected to scrub my floors like Cinderella and provide batches of fresh-baked cookies on demand. (Just kidding. I merely wanted to see if you were actually reading this and paying attention.)

How to prepare & use your promotional coloring pages

1. Read our full terms of use above.

2. Print whatever promotional coloring pages you’d like to use from the links below. You might need to set your printer’s settings to “borderless” or “minimize margins” to avoid cutting anything off.

3. Design and create your own layout with your own promotional message to fit within the blank area provided on the page. (Promotional Coloring Sheets Sample) You can add your business name, address, phone number, logo, message, or even include a coupon.

4. Cut and paste your promotional material into the blank space provided, or place the printed coloring page back into your printer to print your promotional material at the top of it. Then photocopy as many promotional coloring pages as you need.

5. If you’d like, you can also re-scan the finished version into a PDF file that you can then add to your own website for visitors to download and print. It’s an easy way to boost your page rank and turn visitors into their own self-promoters.

Promotional Coloring PDF’s

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