Parenting is difficult. The following quotes should provide a little comfort and clarity when it comes to those everyday challenges we face.

In preschool, one of my daughters had a habit of twisting her hair to the point that it would fall out and leave a small bald spot. Just when I’d gotten really stressed about what to do, she stopped. I learned that kids are constantly changing. What you’re worried about now won’t be the same a year from now. Life is short. Don’t take a day fro granted.
– Parenting author Kristine Carlson

You’re not going to keep your kids from harm, not in a million years. All their life is going to be harm. It’s narcissistic to try to give your kids a Utopian life — when they leave your house, they’re going to be in a world of sh*t. The only thing you can give your kids that’s going to be of any use is a mechanism for dealing with all the awful sh*t that’s coming. then it won’t be that awful …the worst thing happening to this generation is that their taking this comfort away from themselves.
– Comedian Louis C.K., father of two girls quoted from Rolling Stone

One of the dirty secrets of parenthood is that we’ve all been pushed to the edge by the little people we love most. When emotion butts head with reason, we’re swept up in a rage that seems out of character — andf,in hindsite, just plain wrong. We do and say things we wouldn’t tolerate from anyone else. And then we’re swamped with guilt. Yet it’s a cycle that invariably repeats itself.
– Margery D. Rosen, quoted from Parents