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These car safety activities are intended for preschool & elementary school children. Use them as part of your car safety curriculum. To learn more about are car safety for kids, check out our pages for parents & teachers on car safety.


Car Accident Life Experiences – A Group Time Car Safety Activity
All Ages
Just about everyone has had experience with a car accident, either first hand, or through the stories of a friend or loved one. Sit down and share these experiences with your kids. It can be a good tool in helping children to realize the danger that car accidents happen all time, and the importance of wearing their seatbelts.

Seatbelt Bribery – A Car Safety Special Activity
Preschool to grade 2

Not very often do we suggest anything of the sort in the classroom, but picking a week to offer rewards for wearing seatbelts can be a great way to encourage awareness of seatbelt safety among the kids. Pick a week, and let the kids know that during that week, if they come into the classroom in the morning and tell you that they wore their seatbelt and sat nicely in a car seat (if needed), they get a small reward, such as a sticker or a piece of candy.

Teacher Printable PDF containing 3 activities about car safety:  Car Safety Activities

  • Seatbelt Play (Gross Motor & Dramatic Play)
  • Steering Wheels (Art & Fine Motor)
  • Tire Track Art (Art)


Car Seat Play (Dramatic Play)
Toddlers & Preschool

Bring in a couple of car seats and place them in your dramatic play ares. Place them with a couple of chairs, some stuffed animals or dolls, and some keys or other car related props to play with. Let the kids practice buckling and UN-buckling the toys in the car seats, while pretending to set off on a variety of adventure in their ‘vehicles.’  Use the tie to talk about car safety and how important it is that they be buckled up and in a car seat.


Car Safety Song (Music & Language)

(Sung to the tune of ‘do your ears hang low’)

When you’re riding in the car
When you’re riding near or far

Are you buckled up real tight
Are you sitting nice and quiet

If you do you’re safe and sound
Watching scenery all around

When you ride in the car.


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