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Holding with the general rule that anything which is good for the mother is likely to be good for the baby, not only is exercise permitted during pregnancy in most situations, but staying fit and active has numerous benefits for both mother and baby.

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Doctors recommend that pregnant women get at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days, if not every day. Here’s why:

The benefits to your baby

  1. Exercise can prevent or even treat two of pregnancy’s most common complications: Preeclampsia and preterm birth. (Greene, 2009, pp. 102-03) It also lowers the risk for premature labor, C-section, and gestational diabetes…all of which improve infant health.

  1. Studies find that exercise during pregnancy is associated with higher intelligence and cognitive abilities in children at age five. (Christiano, 2013) The babies of moms who exercise are smarter and score higher on intelligence tests. This is because exercise raises blood volume and therefore boosts nutrient delivery to the baby’s brain.

  1. The changes in heart rate and oxygen levels achieved by exorcising during pregnancy help to stimulate your baby. (Murkoff & Mazel, 2008)

  1. Babies born to moms who exercise are more fit, and recover from birth more quickly. (ibid)

  1. They also have an easier temperament. Babies of more active mothers tend to sleep through the night sooner, are less likely to be colic, and are more able to soothe themselves. (ibid)

How exercise benefits the mother

  1. Proper exercise during pregnancy can reduce your stress, boost positive neurotransmitters and generally improve your mood. This also benefits the baby.

    1. Being more active during pregnancy will reduce many different pregnancy symptoms, resulting in fewer aches and pains, especially back pain. It results in stronger muscles, bones, and joints while lowering the chance of urinary incontinence. (Greene, 2009)

    2. It acts as a protective factor against depression; either during pregnancy or postpartum. (ibid)

    3. Remaining active actually makes you LESS tired throughout your pregnancy, and it also helps with sleep.

    4. It lowers your risk of suffering from gestational diabetes.

    5. Those who exercise more have shorter labors and need fewer interventions during delivery. They also tend to recover a lot faster. Staying active throughout your pregnancy is also one of the keys to getting your pre-baby body back.

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