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These anti-bullying activities for kids will teach children various concepts that are important for bullying prevention. Each activity will help children learn about things such as what qualifies as bullying, Why it’s important not to bully others, and how to intervene if someone else is being bullied. We’ve got a number of classroom projects for preschool and elementary school teachers, as well as some for older kids. (More ideas for teacher in older age groups can be found in our bullying ebook.)

Draw Your School: An Anti-Bullying Activity for Kids: This anti-bullying activity is recommended by bullying specialist Rosalind Wiseman. It’s a great way for both parents and teachers to better understand their children’s perspective of the school environment.

Anti-Bullying Skits: This activity creates classroom skits your kids can do that will teach them about the social dynamics of bullying. Recommended for grades 5 and above.

The Obituary Writing Exercise:This exorcise is designed to help kids think about how they live their lives. Have them write a short obituary about themselves, as if they were suddenly gone. What would it say? In a few sentences, write down what you hope others would remember you by and what they would say about you.

Gossip Telephone: A fun group time activity for kids of all ages that teaches about the nature of gossip.

The Needs of Others: An empathy building activity that helps kids look at others in a new light.

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