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On a blank piece of paper, have kids write 3 headings: Happy, sad, and scared. Then have them go around the class and collect 3 different versions from 3 different people of something that would make them most happy, sad, and scared, summarized in a sentence. (For example: “Getting eaten by a lion” or “Going to the amusement park with my mom.”)

Once they’re done, gather into group time and discuss some of the answers. What similarities are there? What differences? Is there a lot of variety in what people find good or scary?

Also discuss how their answers might change if they had actually had these different experiences. Do sometimes things seem better or worse than they really are? Do our perspectives change over time?

The point of this exercise is to help kids grow accustomed to the idea that there are many different viewpoints and more than one way of looking at something, especially when it comes to emotional topics.


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A simple classroom activity dealing with hopes and fears. Recommended for grades 2-6.

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