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The Bad Advice Child Safety GameA fun game that can be played with a group of kids. This is a good game to reinforce safety concepts you’ve already taught your children. Recommended for preschool & elementary school kids.

The Ball Chase Safety Game: This is a fun outdoor game designed to teach kids not to chase a ball into the street.

Before You Cross the Street (Music & Gross Motor)
(Sung to the tune of ‘London Bridge,’ this should be played as a capture the child game with 2 children holding hands up in the air, and the other children walking underneath. When the music stops, they capture the child under their arms at the time.)

Look before you cross the street,
Cross the street, Cross the street.

Look before you cross the street,
Stop, look and listen.

There’s a car coming, don’t go yet,
Don’t go yet, don’t go yet.

There’s a car coming don’t go yet.
Always be real careful.





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