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This area is designed especially for teachers and educators. Herein you will find our full spectrum of classroom activities, printable, worksheets, and other curriculum resources for schools and child care centers.

Educational Resources for Teachers, Schools, & Child Care Centers

For a treasure trove of free teacher resources, including Pre-K and elementary school activities, worksheets, coloring sheets and other printables, select from the following topics:

Recent Additions

Check out these recent additions to our website:

Parable of the two wolves: Character education worksheet, morality worksheet.

Two Wolves Character Education Morality Worksheet

The parable of the two wolves
This character education worksheet tells the classic Cherokee fable of two wolves fighting with one another.  Teach kids about the importance of maintaining positive thoughts with this morality worksheet.

Dianne’s Dumb Decision
A safety coloring book workbook teaching kids the dangers of frozen lakes and ponds in the winter.

Wounded Puppies Coloring Book  
This combination coloring book and workbook teaches kids an important principle of social intelligence: How people act on the outside is a reflection of what they feel on the inside.

Popular Printables

If you haven’t already, check out these popular items:

Water Safety Worksheets
Teach kids water safety with the fun to do worksheets and coloring pages

My Dog Safety Mini-book / Coloring Book

Kids learn while they color in this dog safety mini-book




Why Teachers Matter

Teachers & Child Care Professionals: You can make a huge difference by protecting the kids in your care.  Whereas parents frequently get busy and struggle to find the time, (and others can’t be bothered to take the time to begin with), you are in a position to help ensure that no child falls through the cracks.

If you’re a teacher who spends a little bit of time working with your group of 20 or 25 students on safety and welfare issues each year, and you teach a different group of students each year for 20 or 25 years, it’s pretty much a mathematical certainty that your efforts will make a profound difference. You might even save a life. So please, make use of the resources we offer at every available opportunity.



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