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The bullying worksheets listed below will work on bulling prevention and anti-bullying techniques with your students. Children will learn important anti bullying concepts such as . . .

  • What qualifies as bullying
  • How to speak out against bullying
  • Why bullying hurts the bully along with the victim
  • How to promote kindness and tolerance
  • And much more.

Bullying typically grows more problematic between grades 4 and 6. With these anit-bullying worksheets for kids in elementary school, you can address the problem before it gets out of hand and reduce the amount of bullying that occurs in your school.

Anti-bullying Worksheets for Kids

Speaking Out Against Bullies Worksheet

A two page worksheet to help kids speak up against bullying.  It gives kids samples of things to say against bullies, and helps them think of how to speak up on their own.

Disagreeing With Bullying Worksheet

A one page worksheet that helps kids think about how they can respond to a friend or classmate who is bulling someone.

Bullying Worksheets



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