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This area contains a complete listing of the different children’s books published by our organization.  Use this page as a handy index to refer to, or scroll through the detail pages for each book one by one.

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The Life of A Princess ($4.99)
Step aside Disney stereotypes, and learn what being a princess was really like. Did you know that historically speaking, were some of the smartest, most educated and capable girls around? This lively story depicts the adventures of a fictional princess as she defends her castle from a band of invaders. It also includes a bonus section where you can learn about some of history’s real-life princesses. This book delivers a strong message of empowerment for young girls, and boys are bound to enjoy the story as well! Recommended for kids ages 4 trough 10.

Whispers Within A Rainbow ($2.99)
Strength, perseverance, resiliency, empathy and kindness, compassion toward others–these are the admirable traits we want to nurture in children. This colorful children’s rhyming story uses symbolism from rainbows to teach kids important life lessons that will build their character. Its rhyming verses and captivating pictures make it a fun read for any young child. Recommended for kids ages 3 to 9.

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Semington Siblings Slay the Beast $4.99
Does it seem like all your kids do is fight? Do you wish there was more you could do to promote a positive sibling relationship? There is! Join the Semington siblings as they embark upon a grand adventure to rescue their parents from an evil queen and her ferocious beast, while learning how to cooperate and support one another along the way. This book is packed with all sorts of valuable lessons that encourage more loving and supportive sibling relationships, all within a story so entertaining that kids won’t even realize they’re being taught! Recommended for children ages 4-10.

A Tale For Tough Times $4.99
Originally written as a poem for a child who was going through some extremely difficult times in her life, this book is a warm embrace for children in distress, no matter how big or small their problems may be. It acknowledges life’s imperfections and allows kids to feel their pain while celebrating the journey and offering a message of hope for the future. With its rhyming verses, captivating pictures and vivid imagery, this book is certain to comfort the heart and capture the imagination of any child. Recommended for kids ages 4 to 12.

Making Fun of Einstein $4.99
Has your child been bullied? Are you at all concerned that they might join the crowd to bully someone else? Making Fun of Einstein is a book for ALL kids, whether bully, victim or bystander. It discusses the baseless nature of social scorn by pointing out examples of just how wrong people usually are whenever they judge others. This book will help bullied kids put their torment in perspective, and all who read it will think twice before they tease someone else. Every parent and teacher should have this book as part of their arsenal. Recommended for kids in grades K-6.

If People Were Perfect $4.99
One of our most commonly requested children’s books, If People Were Perfect is designed to help kids understand all the hurtful thins that happen in this world. Whether you’re dealing with child abuse, exposure to crime, family problems, or just trying to help a child make sense of the stories they see on TV, this book is a must-have for every parent’s collection. Recommended for kids ages 3 through 9.

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