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Drugs and alcohol cause an enormous amount of suffering in our society. Substance abuse is the largest social problem in America, and one that threatens families in a number of ways. Not only is drug use among children and teens a significant problem, but kids are greatly impacted whenever there’s substance abuse within the family.

The resources in this area will help you protect your family from the consequences of substance abuse. We’ll show you how to keep kids from using drugs and alcohol themselves, and help you understand addiction, so that you can better assist the addict you love.

Kids & Drugs

Parents often spend a lot of time worrying about unlikely or insignificant risks while ignoring those things that truly matter. Drug and alcohol use among children and teens is one of those issues they don’t pay enough attention to. Substance abuse can derail a child’s life like nothing else can, and it’s also a very prevalent threat, considering that virtually every youth will dabble with drugs and alcohol. Many kids start using in elementary school, so it’s never too soon to start talking to kids about drugs. The following information will help you better navigate this difficult subject.

General information

Types of substance abuse among youth

  • Kids smoking

  • Teen vaping

  • Kids and alcohol

  • Prescription drug use among children and teens

  • Merauajna use among children and teens

  • Spice and synthetic drugs

Keeping kids off drugs

  • Keeping kids away from drugs

  • Drug prevention education

  • Talking to kids about drugs

  • What to do if you find out your child is using drugs

Drug Education Resources

Governments have spent billions of dollars trying to reduce drug use among youth. Yet programs that simply tell kids “don’t do drugs” aren’t very effective. These printable resources for parents and teachers offer a more effective approach, addressing the nuances of drug prevention education to help youth understand why and how drugs disrupt their goals in life.

How substance abuse affects children

Substance abuse within the family affects kids in a variety of ways. Although society often ignores the effects of parental substance abuse, the truth is that having a loved one who abuses drugs or alcohol is typically just as harmful as other types of child abuse and neglect. These pages will help you better understand the impact substance abuse has on children.

Addiction & Substance Abuse

When someone you love is struggling with addiction, the disease not only consumes their life, it can easily take over yours as well. The following information will help shed light on the mysteries of addiction, from how different substances keep your loved one captive to why people fall into addiction in the first place, and more importantly, how to help them overcome it.

Information on different substances:

  • Alcohol

  • Marijuana

  • Cocaine

  • Methamphetamine

Understanding addiction

  • Why people do drugs

  • How people fall into addiction

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