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Print out the pictures of objects that can be dangerous to little kids from the link below:

  • Pictures of dangerous items for babies, toddlers


Cut out each item (and laminate them if you’d like), then hide the pictures in various places around the house or the classroom.

Start this activity by having a quick discussion about some of the things that can be dangerous to infants and toddlers. Then tell the kids there are X-number of pictures of dangerous things hidden in nooks and crannies around the classroom (in the same way that real objects might be) and that it’s their job to find them all. You also might list each item they are to find on the chalkboard and let kids cross each one out as it’s discovered.

Once you’re done, have another quick group-time discussion. Hold up each picture and ask the kids to tell you why they think each particular item could be dangerous. Then talk about how easy it is for these things to be dropped or misplaced, and how important it is that they help keep little ones safe by keeping an eye out for such things whenever infants or toddlers are around.




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