Take the kids outside to a park or an open area of your playground. Designate one child to be the escapee, and sit them in the middle of the group with a blindfold on. Then have the other kids lay down flat on their stomach or back in a circle as human planks to create a sort of maze that the child in the middle must escape through. Tier kids if possible, so that it creates a sort of real-life circle maze.

Finally, pick 3 or 4 kids to be the “fire,” and have them stand or kneel at various exit points, leaving only one or two ways out of the gauntlet. (You can also use cardboard boxes, cardboard pieces, or some other divider as pretend walls if you’d rather not use children.)

Start the game by having the person with the blindfold try to crawl their way out of the maze as if they were trying to find exits out of a burning house. If they run into a plank, they must go back and try another route. If they encounter a “fire,” that child tickles them and they must go back and find an alternate way out.

With older kids, you might add a timer. As you switch out the children to play the escapee, rearrange the planks or dividers so that there’s a different escape route each time. Be sure to talk about different fire safety topics while playing this game.