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Water Safety Spelling Pre-K-kindergarten

Have an adult read the words on the left, then have the child practice writing the words in the space provided on the right.




Water Safety Spelling Grade-1-2

Spelling and vocabulary words for the younger grades. Have an adult help if needed.




Water Safety Spelling Grade-3-4

Spelling and vocabulary worksheets that provided the word, its meaning, and space to practice wiring the word several times.




Water Safety Spelling Grade-5-6

Old kids expand their vocabulary, learn the meaning, and practice writing all while learning to spell.



Safe Swimming Worksheets:

These worksheets talk about swimming safety, and are best used to quiz children on what they’ve learned after classroom discussions about water safety.











Boating Safety Worksheets for Kids

This 2 page printable worksheet talks about the importance of life jackets and how to be safe on the water.

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