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Bullying is a serious problem in schools throughout the world. Although the subject drops in and out of the public spotlight at various times for different reasons, the problem has always existed right underneath the noses of adults. Being bullied, as any bullied child can tell you, isn’t much fun, and the consequences can be just as severe as any other form of child abuse. So taking steps to address bullying in schools should be a top priority.

Parents and teacher are on the front line of defense against this deadly threat — one that takes more lives each year than all the school shootings we hear about. To that end, we’ve prepared an anti-bullying curriculum for schools and child care centers packed with material that will help undermine the conditions that lead to bullying while helping victims better cope with what they’ve experienced.

Bullying Prevention Curriculum Resources

Additional Bullying Resources for Teachers

  • Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about bullying can be found in our Bullying Book for Parents & Teachers. You can access portions of this book online for free, or purchase the full e-book through Amazon.


Bullying Books for Kids


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