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As every parent knows, small children have a tendency to put everything in their mouth; including all sorts of items that don’t belong there. Which makes choking one of the more prevalent safety hazards for children. Even older kids who’ve grown out of the hand-to-mouth stage can still be at risk for choking (usually by way of the foods they eat), because their windpipes are comparatively small and narrow.

To put this risk in perspective, hot dogs alone are many, many, many times more likely to kill your child than any sex offenders who might be living in your community. Since everyday life is littered with choking hazards, it would behoove us to pay a little more attention to this risk.

Choking prevention for parents

The following pages will cover the most common choking hazards, and teach you simple rules that will help keep kids safe from choking.

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Choking Prevention Safety Resources for kids

The following resources will help you teach choking prevention to children:

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