The stranger danger activities on this page will help teach children important abduction prevention skills. Don’t forget to check the information on preventing child abduction in our child safety area. 

Stranger danger activities picture.Friend, Friend, Stranger! (Gross Motor)
A variation of Duck, Duck, Goose, have the children sit together in a circle. Pick one person to get up and go around the circle tapping on heads while saying friend, friend, friend, exc. When the child picks a stranger, he/she runs around the circle yelling “Help! Stranger!” or “Stranger, leave me alone and don’t touch me there!” until they are back in their spot.

Stranger Collages (Fine Motor)
Bring in several magazines for children to cut up, glue, and scissors. Have them look through the magazines and cut out pictures of people. Explain to them that even though the people look nice, and probably are, they are still strangers, and we can only talk to them if our parents are right beside us.

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