This is a fun activity that will help the kids get to know each other better and encourage comradery in the classroom. First, set up an area of your class like a talk show studio. Put out 2 chairs, set coffee mugs filled with water on a table in the middle, and hang a table cloth as a backdrop. Next supply the kids with a variety of interview tools: a microphone (real or pretend); a tape recorder, a clipboard or notebook with something to write with, etc. You might also add some dress-up clothes, play glasses, or wigs. If you really want to get the kids interested, set up a video camera to tape the interviews as they conduct them, which you can then play back later to the class.

Once you’ve got your pretend talk show studio set up, have kids take turns interviewing each other about their lives, talents, family, or other pertinent aspects of themselves. You can provide the kids with some ideas for questions, or let them ask some themselves, so long as you monitor to ensure they stay appropriate. (Be sure to let kids know that they don’t have to answer x any question that might hit on a sensitive topic.)

This activity provides a way for children to get to know a side of their classmates that they otherwise might never discuss, and thus, it can help build empathy skills among your group. It’s also a great activity to set up with a new class at the beginning of the school year to help your kids get acquainted with one another.