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We’ve developed a number of mental health resources for use by both parents and mental health professionals. These resources will teach children the basics of cognitive psychology and give them the skills to better cope with adversity. We teach kids how to read, write, and ride a bike. Yet most children grow up without being taught much of anything about how to maintain a healthy mind. Don’t leave your child’s mental health to chance. Take advantage of these free resources and start building stronger, more resilient children today.

General Psychology Resources for Kids


Psychology Workbooks

Understanding Emotions
A simple coloring book that teaches children the basics of what emotions are.

Dont Judge A Book By It’s Cover
A fun book that teaches children why we shouldn’t superficially judge people or situations according to outward appearances, but should always look deeper to find the greater truth.

Emotional ABC’s
This workbook teaches kids one of the basic fundamentals of cognitive psychology: that how they feel is not just a consequence of what they experience, but also the beliefs they form about any given experience.

When Thoughts Run Wild
A combination workbook/coloring book that teaches kids about the different things that go into our thoughts, and why negative thinking is seldom accurate and true.

Many Mirrors of Truth
A printable coloring book that teaches children about different perspectives and promotes more compassionate responses toward others.

Recovery Workbooks

Life is going to through your child for a look from time to time. When it does, you can help them better deal with these experiences using the recovery workbooks featured below.

Pain in Perspective
Humans have a natural tendency to dwell on painful experiences much more than they should. This workbook/coloring book helps kids put traumatic events back in their proper perspective.

Wounded Puppies Coloring Book  
This combination coloring book and workbook teaches kids an important principle of social intelligence: How people act on the outside is a reflection of what they feel on the inside.

Therapeutic Coloring Sheets

Coloring can be a soothing, stress-relieving activity for young and old alike, and each of the coloring sheets linked below comes with an inspirational message that provides comfort and perspective during difficult times. Have your kids color the picture and then read them the lesson for a quick, soothing activity.

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