Proper dental health and hygiene is one of the easiest issues for parents to become lax about. With everything else going on in the day, it’s all too easy to let brushing slide even as a child’s sugar intake and consumption of acidic food grows. Yet as many adults know from firsthand experience, failing to take care of one’s teeth when young can become a major source of regret later. It can also be a safety issue: every year there are kids in the United States who die because a dental infection is ignored and not taken care of soon enough. “Dental exams are just as important to your child’s health as a well-care visit to the pediatrician,” says Dr. Steven Chassid, D.D.S. director of pediatric dentistry at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. (Moninger, 2013)

Thus it’s pretty important to help your kids take good care of their teeth, and to schedule them for regular dentist appointments. These pages are meant to be an informational resource for parents on child dental issues of all types.

Additional dental health information for parents


Dental health resources for kids