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We’ve assembled a collection of some of the more notable case examples in bullying, from high profile suicides to some of the more severe injuries that bullied children have experienced. We hope that these cases further expand your knowledge about the bullying problem.

Extreme Bullying cases
So how bad can bullying get? This page outlines some severe cases of bullying taken to the extreme. For anyone who still believes that bullying is a harmless right of passage, these stories will change your mind.

High Profile Bullying Cases / Famous Bullying Cases

The Phoebe Prince Bullying Case
Phoebe Prince was a teen girl who immigrated to the United States from Ireland. At age 16, after a year of relentless bullying at her new school, she hung herself at her family’s home. Her case leapt into the public spotlight as her bullies went on to redefine the word “callous” after her death.

The Jon Carmichael Bullying Case
Jon Carmichael was another student who hung himself at 13-years-old after years of torment from peers. Jon was small for his age, and the bullying he experienced was more stereotypical of what parents might imagine from the movies, only taken to some harsh extremes.

The Megan Meier Bullying Case
Megan Meier’s is the case that really woke up the public’s awareness to the issue of cyberbullying. Megan was just 13-years-old when she hung herself in her closet after a brutal online exchange.

The Amanda Cummings Bullying Case
Eerily similar to the Phoebe Prince case, Amanda was bullied to suicide, and then continued to be mocked online even after her death

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