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The psychology worksheets and workbooks on this page will teach kids important principles of cognitive psychology that will help them throughout their life.

Emotional ABCs Worksheet

This 2 page psychology worksheet teaches kids how thoughts create emotions and how to alter this formula to change the way they feel.




Differing Perceptions Worksheet
A fun worksheet that illustrates how different minds can interpret the same thing in different ways. Recommended for children in grades 2 through 6, junior high and high school. (It can even be done by adults.)


Psychology Workbooks for Kids

When Thoughts Run Wild

A combination workbook / coloring book that teaches kids about the different things that go into our thoughts, and why negative thinking is seldom accurate and true.  Printable PDF: 16 pages, recommended for elementary school kids.



Many Mirrors of Truth

A printable Coloring book that teaches children about different perspectives and promotes a more compassionate stance toward other. We also provide two worksheets for grade school kids that accompany this story. A three page worksheet that discusses perception, and a 4 page worksheet that uses the principles of this story to help children better respond to the hurt they experience at the hands of other.











Emotional ABC’s Mini-book

This 10 page coloring mini-book teaches kids about a basic tenant of cognitive psychology.





Pain in Perspective
This is primarily a trauma recovery workbook designed to help kids cope with difficult events, but it can also be used as a general purpose tool to teach ALL children about how to better cope with life’s frustrations.



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