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So its time to take your kids to get their shots, and you’re worried about them screaming bloody murder and hating your forever, because you allowed a strager to stab them with a sharp metal object. Have to fear, the glowing tips will make the process of getting shots a bit easier on kids.

Tips for helping kids get their shots

  1. Tell kids ahead of time so they can prepare, but not too far ahead. Alert them on the car ride to the Doctor or in the waiting room. Nobody likes unpleasant surprises, and if you spring it upon them suddenly, this can heighten their anxiety, which equals more of a reaction.

  2. Remember than you set the tone for how kids react. If you act like it’s a big deal, they will act like it’s a big deal. If you act calm and casual about it, odds are gook they will too.

  3. Tell them about times when you have had to get your shots, and that it only stings for a brief second and then it’s over – faster than you can take a breath. You can tell them you weren’t all that fond of them either, but that its something that all kids need to endure. Knowing that they are not alone will help them cope better.

  4. Make sure kids understand the purpose of shots: that immunizations make their immune system strong. These tiny little pokes will keep them from getting certain types of serious illnesses, thus preventing a lot more pain later. Ask them to recall the last time they were really sick, and how awful it felt. Shots keep them from getting diseases that are much worse than the shot.

  5. Tell them that if they put on a brave face you will do something fun afterwards: got to eat at McDonalds, buy a treat at the grocery store, go to the park, or get a small toy. This gives your kids something to look forward to and alters the way they relate to the experience.

  6. When its time for them to get their shots, look into their eye and hold your child’s hand. Touch reduces the body’s pain response. Then sing a song or tell a story, or recite your ABC, anything to help distract them.

  7. Some parents worry about scaring kids through vacinations. Don’t be silly. Kids are not that fragile, and if your child isn’t upset with you from time to time, you’re not doing your job as a parent.

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