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Lessons About Bullying and the True Nature of Cruelty

This book is a must-read for every child, especially those who are being teased at school or have been bullied by their peers in the past. The story takes children throughout various episodes of history in order to illustrate a key point: when people judge, ridicule, or show cruelty towards others, it has little to do with what’s accurate, fair, reasonable, or just. In fact, in virtually every case, it’s the ones doing the persecuting that are acting foolishly on account of ridiculous ideas that simply aren’t right or true.

The goal is to help children understand that whenever they experience cruelty at the hands of others, it’s more about problems in the aggressors, not deficiencies in themselves. It’s meant to teach them that hostility has no rhyme or reason to it. This is an important concept for all kids to understand. Though it won’t completely erase the pain a child feels when bullied or ridiculed by others, it helps them to take it a lot less personally. We end the book with some words of encouragement and tips on how to cope with bullying or teasing from others.

Making Fun Of Einstein is suggested for kids ages 8 to 12

Making Fun of Einstein – Printable Version (Opens in PDF)

Making Fun of Einstein Anti Bullying Book

The printable version of this book contains the same great story, just condensed with fewer pictures than are contained in the e-book version. For those without an e-reader or tablet computer, it still teaches the same valuable lessons, and is perfect for classroom use. Just print the book and follow the instructions to the right to create a teaching tool that will last for years to come.

Making Fun of Einstein E-book – Coming Soon

Save your ink and get this publication in e-book format for your color e-reader, iPad, or tablet computer device for just $2.99! The e-book version contains twice as many full-color pictures that will make for a more enjoyable read. It also includes additional bonus material and thought exercises for children that expand on some of the things talked about in the story. Plus, all author proceeds from your purchase (around $2) will go towards helping children in need! You can’t go wrong!

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