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This section contains a variety of notable bullying quotes. It is included as an appendix for those searching for quotes about bullying to cite in their own literature or bully prevention efforts. We hope you find it useful.

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Bullying quote #1: “A lot of parents think that bullying is a problem, but not their kid’s problem.” – Elizabeth Englander, founder of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center and professor at Bridgewater State University (quoted in Hampson, 2010, p. 2A)

Bullying quote #2: “After many years of research, we have learned that bullying in our schools and in our society is a much more damaging and dangerous experience for children than we ever suspected. Unfortunately, it’s much more widespread and is occurring at an earlier age than ever before.” – Malcolm L. Smith (2010, p. 2)

Bullying quote #3: “(Bullying) poisons the educational environment and affects the learning of every child.” – Bullying specialist Dan Olweus (quoted in Starr, 2003)

Bullying quote #4: “Being bullied can have traumatic consequences for a child, leading to poor school performance, low self-esteem, anxiety, and even depression.” – David Fassler, clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Vermont (quoted in Colino, 2010)

Bullying quote #5: “Bullying is not the same old issue it used to be. With social networking and computers and cellphones it’s become an around the clock problem. It’s now a health issue.” -Kevin Jacobsen, who lost his 14-year-old son, Kameron, to a bullying-related suicide. Tragically, Kevin also took his own life as the one-year anniversary of his son’s death approached, illustrating the ripple effects of bullying.

Bullying quote #6: “Whoever said words can’t hurt was never the pariah of a group of teen girls. From the clothes I wore to the chest I lacked, I was told daily how ‘ugly’ I was. My parents helped me see I had the power to just walk away from my bullies. And I learned that life does get a lot better.” – Annie, 25, an author in Chicago (Weller, 2011, p. 18)

Bullying quote #7: “It’s not that bullying is any worse today. The impulse for cruelty is the same impulse. The only difference is that the tools to achieve that have become more sophisticated.”  – Jodee Blanco, anti-bullying activist/author (Kornblum, 2008)

Bullying quote #8:  “There are kids today dropping out of school because they’re not safe because of bullying. So our schools need to step up and address these issues so that kids aren’t being robbed of their education.”  – Arizona senator Katie Hobbs (D’Andrea, 2015)

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