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0Divorce is a major, life-altering transition, and it can be one of the most difficult and potentially damaging experiences for children to endure.  These resources are designed to help you and your kids through the process of divorce.  You’ll find information on everything from how to talk with kids about divorce to advice on navigating the post-divorce family.

Divorce Information for Parents:

Children & Divorce
This online book provides needed information for parents and caregivers facing this difficult situation.  Guidance is provided for helping kids through the changes in their family, and easy to understand descriptions of the divorce process are provided for parents.

Free Divorce Brochures
Informative brochures and hand-outs that can be used by divorce lawyers and other professionals.

Divorce Resources for Kids:

Divorce coloring pages for kids
These free pintables are designed to help children through the divorce process and give them skills for coping with their parents’ divorce.

Divorce Activities for Kids
Activities to help kids deal with the emotions they feel with their changing family life.

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