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The home safety activities below are designed to help parents and teacher educate kids about different hazards in and around their home. Intended for kids in pre-school and elementary school, they make an excellent compliment to the lesson plan of your safety curriculum. Don’t forget to read up on our home safety information and related topics so you have a better understanding of the concepts discussed.

Free Home Safety Activities for Kids

The Choking Test
All Ages: Science/Writing
Pick up one of those tubes that tests the size of an object to determine whether or not it is small enough to pose a choking hazard.  These can be found in child-proofing kits or the child proofing section of your local grocery or department store. You can also use toilet paper tubes in their place, which are roughly the same diameter.

Tell kids that if it fits through this tube, it’s small enough that if a child put it in their mouth or tried to eat it, they might choke. Then have kids go around their home or your classroom, testing all the different items they find to see what things can pose a choking hazard.  With older age groups, you can also have them create a handwritten list of the items they find that pose a choking hazard.

What’s The Worst ThatCould Happen
All ages: Group/Cognitive/Creative Writing
Provide kids with one of the scenarios listed below and then have them come up with a story about what might happen as a result.  You can do this as a class or assign each scenario as a writing exercise for older children, having them create a few paragraphs to tell a cautionary story.  Feel free to mix it up with both serious and silly answers!

  • You leave your toys out at the top of the stairs
  • You spill your marbles on the kitchen floor but don’t pick them up
  • You think baby looks hungry, so you give him your own food to eat
  • You climb up a book shelf to try ad reach something at the top
  • Your little brother/sister want to see what mommy is cooking, so they reach for a pot on the stove
  • You run inside the house, playing tag in the living room
  • You try to eat a hot dog in one giant bite
  • You reach for the hot cup of coffee or tea Mom just poured
  • You’re playing around near the open window on the second story

Home Hazards Homework Assignment (All Ages)
Print the homework link below and assign kids, with the help of their parents, the task of going through their home looking for possible safety hazards and recording them in the respective spaces on the worksheet. After they return with their completed pages, conduct a class discussion about the different and/or unique safety hazards your kids found.

Home Safety Worksheet – Hazards

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