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Children aren’t immune from the social ills affecting society, which means issues revolving around race and racism can emerge very early in life. Some children are the target of racist remarks, while others (often unbeknownst to their parents) are the perpetrators of those remarks. Young children routinely make innocent comments that make parents uncomfortable, or ask questions they aren’t sure how to answer.

Children are also much more aware of the outside world than most adults presume them to be. They watch the news, they browse the internet (which seems to be growing more cruel and racist by the day), and they talk with friends and classmates at school. So they can be affected by what’s going on in broader society to a degree adults seldom appreciate. Which is why it’s so important for parents to maintain an open dialogue on these issues.

Helping children deal with issues of race & racism

The following resources will help you teach children of all ages about race and racism. Whether you’re a white parent looking to educate your child about race or a minority parent wanting to help your child through the racism he or she might experience, or a teacher who wants to address these issues with his or her students, this information will help make your job easier.

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Anti-racism resources for parents & teachers

The following books and printable educational resources will help you teach kids about race and racism while promoting compassion and embracing diversity:

Implicit bias discussion pictures – coming soon

A series of discussion pictures for parents and teachers that will explore the implicit bias we all carry, teaching kids about subconscious racism and how to avoid it.

Whispers Within A Rainbow

This book teaches kids to embrace diversity while promoting concepts of social and emotional intelligence. Recommended for kids ages 3 to 9.



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